Internet of Things

The new industrial era has come of age. Exploit it now!

Worldwide device interconnection

Connect everything. Smartly.

We all are used to see everything as a connectable device but it is worth it only with a smart director in the background.

Our factories, houses and offices are populated by a huge amount of sensors, household appliances, HVACs, electric tools, alarms.
Everyone feels the urgency to be in control of everything with an ubiquitous smartphone.
We can easily switch on our holiday home air conditioning while at the airport gate to make it comfortable at arrival or check for a triggered alarm at the lab. This is just the surface of IoT potential but many other use cases can be pursued if a clever direction backs it up .
Your bill will substantially benefit from an intelligent system which constantly looks after the waste of energy. You can spare two digits percentage on your bill by letting your IoT intelligent system manage the switch on or off of your machinery, air conditioners and washing machines.
By the way, just in case, you can take control back in your hands whenever you want. 


Factory automation

Most likely your factory makes use of many electric machinery with lots of sensors used both for security purposes and execution management.
Your business can get safer and healthier by monitoring all the sensor and switching them as frequently as needed to react to all odds.
IoT and AI together can achieve this. Ask us for your case.

Environment monitor

Water, air and soil continuous monitoring is essential to let the Earth alive for many more centuries. Environment parameters monitoring can be easily achieved with real-time connection of sensors through IoT networks . The huge amount of data collected must be analysed by an AI system which will suggest how to act to best preserve the precious resources.

Building management

IoT technologies disrupted every automation process as designed in the last decades.
Connectivity is cheap and every Company can afford it successfully when well advised. IoT ​can greatly improve mantenaince, productivity and profitability.
Small and large real estates management will benefit by an intelligent, continuous control.



Smart cities and small networks

Cities are hungry of smart services. IoT delivers all.

Our cities host millions of people who work, commute, entertain, go shopping, keep in shape, take care of their health. Nowadays all these activities are controlled by automatic digital systems which produce billions of data every single day. Digital data are precious to check and improve every task in every business but they are not useful if not collected and analysed in real-time.
IoT enables, dispatches and processes this huge amount of data and make them the base for AI background systems to assess, decide and achieve the best result over the whole network.
The real innovation consists of IoT and AI integration, taking the best from both technologies. This integration scales up to metropolis and down to your offices and factories network. You can apply the best use cases provided by IoT and AI to your SMEs with low costs and great goals. Let’s talk how you can make it with us.