nxtHIS – PatientFile is the module that “hinges” the patient in a ward / room / bed, and therefore allows you to manage all the actions performed on and for the patient himself during the period of his hospitalization. Records the physical examination and the present illnesses, the current and to be delivered therapies, the requests and reports of clinical exams, and the special consultations. Allows to collect and manage the clinical diary information, per day and per shift. All the information can be printed along with personal patient’s data. The module allows to manage the transfer to other ward (or room, bed), and the discharge procedure. When the patient is discharged, the application collects all the information, and creates the clinical record, including all the exams and special consultation requestes, with the discharge file and a document for the primary care doctor. All the patient clinical records can be searched and printed at any moment, by anyone enabled for this activity.


Wards Management

Patient’s Medical Hystory Management

Patient’s Physical Examination Management

Medical record management (medical diary, anti-diabetic therapy, glasgow coma scale)

Clinical diary managemen

Therapy prescription and delivery management

Management of Clinical Labs, Radiology and Special Consultation requests and reports

Attachments Management

Exam Reports printing

Patient’s file printing

Barcode bracelet printing

Patient’s transfer management

Outpatient care

Admission History management

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