AI is here, now.

Let's use it to build a better, smart and solid business.

Process automation

Robots are software too

Robots are commonly pictured as physical items but a plenitude of “software” robots (bots) have been around us for many years.

The disruption of digital innovation is here and silently surrounds us. Thousands of bots fulfil human being’s everyday duties though most of us don’t notice it. So “The future of work is already here.” (Josh Bersin). Yes, “bots” – software machines installed on desktop computers, smartphones, cars or living in the cloud – automate more and more complex tasks by collecting, storing and processing impressive amount of data every second.

Your business needs to exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence. Now. AI can strengthen every business branch: let’s explore together what AI can do for your Company.


AI assistant

AI assistants are bots which interact with speech or typed text helping customers solving many sales demands. They understand what your doubts are and can answer with a relevant accuracy. Only the most complex questions need human operator’s experience.

Data analysis

Every Company collects thousands or millions of datapoints each month through sales reports, sensor readings, production reports and others. The deep knowledge hidden in these datasets stays unknown: AI can reveal it.

Process automation

IoT technologies disrupted automation processes designed in the last decades.
Connectivity is cheap and every Company can exploit it when well advised.
IoT can significantly improve maintenance, productivity and profitability.



Energy best use

Energy is nowadays gold. Let AI understand and preserve it.

Energy is essential to every job we can think of. From manufacturing to data processing, services to entertainment, from health to institutions, every human activity needs energy in any of its shapes.
Electric power is by far the most needed energy shape.
AI allows us to control, manage and save huge amounts of electric power by fulfilling tedious tasks such as continuous monitoring of devices, patterns understanding, devices power status predictions, bills optimization and others.
AI can perform these tasks with other energy shape as well. Air conditioning is energy hungry: heating/refreshing infrastructures, data centres and food require gas power which is a finite and expensive commodity.
A well designed AI-based software can improve your business energy bill by a 2 digit percentage. 

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