Smart healthcare

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Process integration

Healthcare as a system

An hospital is much more than a bunch of departments, it is a dynamic, living entity.

The traditional view of an hospital as a huge amount of specialistic departments coordinated by a central management division taking care of shifts, billing and HR has been overtaken by a patient centric view.
The patient is the core of the hospital activity: all the needed medical resources exchange messages to provide clinic services, build its Electronic Patient Record (EPR) in real-time and reduce drastically the clinical risk.
Our Hospital Information System follows this model and each resource links to the patient record. Information is never duplicated and manual typing is reduced at the lowest level to avoid transcription typos which lead to serious consequences for patient’s welfare.
EPR is always up to date and ready for remote viewing by authorized eyes only. All diagnostic exams requests are automatically sent to appropriate departments’ devices via HL7-CDA protocol and sent back to the EPR when ready. Barcode labels are printed for every biologic sample to prevent patients exchange. Patient’s drugs administration will be allowed directly from the bed after having scanned her bracelet barcode which matches prescriptions. 
Synaptron’s Hospital Information System reduces clinical risk at the lowest level while simplifying patient’s administrative management.

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Clinical risk reduction

Clinic environment is a set of hundreds of variables which put patient’s life at risk. Many of them can be kept under control by automating tasks. Medical staff are error-prone due to long shift hours or because of distraction. Repetitive tasks can be better performed with workflow automation. Drugs administration and biological samples labelling are two examples which position Synaptron Hospital Information System as a top notch service.

Privacy first

Patient’s clinic data are highly confidential for privacy reasons but frequently data breaches happen because of lack of protection and patient’s data get stolen or misused.
Each module of Synaptron Hospital Information System is built following top security guidelines. User’s activities are logged and group access to patient data is limited by admin settings.

Blockchain for health

Legal complaints are common in public and private healthcare situations. Every dispute is easier to support if medical reports authenticity, clinical exams and diagnostic images are indisputable by being timestamped and inserted in a crypted block of a blockchain.
The court can decide based on reliable evidence in short times.
Synaptron Hospital information System can be side chained to a private or public blockchain for a rock solid undeniability.


Healthcare research

AI for clinical data

Billions of clinical data are built up every day: let’s exploit them.

Every day billions of clinical data are read and stored in every hospital in the world. These precious data become obsolete after patient’s discharge: they get archived for potential legal disputes or statistics purposes exclusively. They could eventually be used to train artificial neural networks to pursue other more critical goals.
They could help forecasting epidemies, revealing disease symptoms patterns, suggesting best insurance schemas to hospitals by exploiting datasets historical streams.
Some hospitals started making use of clinical data to understand what lies beneath the surface and some results are already helping in prevention and early diagnose of diseases, revealing unexpected behaviours and leading to new therapies.
AI applied to clinical data is key to accelerate the development of more advanced and efficient drugs, improve cancer early diagnosis and suggest best toxic antiblastic cocktails.

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