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Electronic design

Cutting edge technologies for your business

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

We use the data at our disposal to teach systems how to recognize and classify new data, predict events and guide their development, reducing operating costs and improving profit margin. 

Internet of Things

We connect our devices, our offices, our machine tools to analyse their data, keep them always under control and benefit from them by reducing consumption, maintenance and as a result operating costs. 

Artificial Intelligence Deep learning

We analyse images, sounds and events related to our business to better understand our customers and their habits and bring even more targeted and efficient products and services to the market.


We analyse needs with your experts to understand every aspect and define project specifications for both hardware and software.

Agile development

We develop each component with great attention to security following the guidelines of test-driven development (TDD).


Once the development and testing phases are complete, we install the software and hardware components at the Customer integrating them with existing systems.

Training and support

We complete the project with the necessary training for the most efficient use of the developed system and we are always available for any support need.

AI & IoT

IoT technologies allow us to detect and transmit data from machines installed on the territory and transmit them to one or more AI-based systems combining and multiplying the advantages of both technologies.

Integration of emerging technologies

Why integrate new technologies?

The benefits brought to each business sector by IoT and al technologies can be even more amplified by integrating with technologies that have reached the commercial stage recently. We are studying such integration because it allows us to predict the resolution of problems considered impossible or too complex to deal with. We are committed to exploring this enormous potential with you to make it an integral part of your business. 

Alternative realities

Technologies such AR(augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) and different combinations of them (assisted reality, mixed reality) are showing only some of their potential in improving the business of services, entertainment, production.
The alternative realities’ true power waits to be unlocked. Every business may take advantage of these stunning tecnologies. They can offer a stonishing experience to human mind, making possible what nobody dared to dream.



Tracking and ensuring the immutability of data are aspects of the production chain that have always been considered weak links. Blockchain technology, in its many aspects, promises the ultimate resolution of these problems. Blockchain-based structures can be integrated with IoT and AI systems to make the information they carry and elaborate completely safe from manipulation, intrusion and uncontrolled access.

Top class technology may be simple

Simplicity is essential

“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody.” (H. Ford)
With this evergreen truth, we are committed to making every system we develop as usable as possible for everyone. The reduction of training time provides an efficient operational capability and an increase in the profitability of the system.


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